Inktober Day 30 Ominous

Inktober Day 30 Ominous

So there’s kind of a funny story here. For some reason I misread the prompt and drew one based on omnibus yesterday. Take a look.

I thought that was a pretty weird, tricky prompt. I thought of my Spider-man omnibus and the concept is elements from that coming out of the book. Can you name what each element is? From left to right, Spider-man’s webbing, Lizard’s tail, Electro’s electricity, Rhino’s horn, Green Goblin’s pumpkin bomb, Carnage’s hand, Vulture’s wing, Dr. Octopus’s tentacle, and Venom’s tongue. So I put some real work into thinking up this concept. Of course this morning I realized the prompt was actually ominous, so I decided to draw a grim reaper.

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