General Grievous

General Grievous

I consider myself a fairly big Star Wars fan. For a lot of my friends and family I’ve been the Star Wars guy for a long time. If they had a question about Star Wars they’d come to me. But in the last year or two my sone has usurped me as the family Star Wars guy. Not only has he seen the movies, he’s watched the shows and cartoons, and knows about the comics and the theories. He also collects the Black Series action figures. So now I’m learning more from him. And one of the characters I learned a lot more about was General Grievous. I only knew him from the movie, so it was a revelation to learn about his background and how much he’s been featured on the shows. He went from an interesting but sort of forgettable character who appeared a bit in one movie to one of the cooler characters in the Star Wars universe. So if you only know him from his somewhat confusing movie appearance look into him and you’ll find a pretty fascinating badass Jedi killer.

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