Artie the Strongest Man in the World

Artie The Strongest Man in the World

When I drew Mr. Tastee a couple days ago I was a bit torn because I also wanted to draw Artie from Pete and Pete. So now I did. And here’s some trivia for you, both characters were played by the same man, Toby Huss. Whenever I happen to see Toby in anything else all I can think of is Artie. It was such a weird character that I was really drawn to as a kid. If you aren’t familiar, he was little Pete’s personal superhero on the show, and a real oddball. He was bizarre looking and even more bizarre in his behavior. He was also an exceptionally odd character on the show because it always emphasized the gap between adults and children, but this adult related more to the children. There was an episode, a two parter and Artie’s farewell on the show I believe, that focused on his oddness and the adult conspiracy to try to normalize him. To me he shines as a symbol that just because you grow up doesn’t mean you have to become boring.

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