Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

I’m not sure when it happened, but the genre known as Metroidvania quietly became one of my favorites. The prolific rise in this style of game in the indie game community has been fantastic for me. It’s provided me with some of my favorite games. I just went back and completed Axiom Verge after starting it a few years ago, so I’m still playing them all the time. One of the very best has to be Hollow Knight. It has such a beautiful hand drawn gothic art style that even my non-gaming family members enjoyed watching me play. It is really hard though, and I actually didn’t finish it all the way once I hit two really hard bosses. But someday I’ll go back and finish it all the way. Originally I was going to draw Hollow Knight vs Shovel Knight, but I was having too much trouble. So I guess I’ll save that drawing for another time.

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