Day 59

BSC Originals Week continues with Michigan and Travis from the semi-autobiographical comic strip Day Camp. Day 59 of the #365daychallenge

This was a fun comic strip loosely based on my tween summers spent at the YMCA day camp. It was a pretty influential time for me, as I met Black Snow Comics’ co-creator Alex and my future wife there. So I have a lot of fond memories, and this was a fun way to explore them. I don’t really remember why we stop this comic, as we definitely had a lot more material and characters we could have done. And yes, the characters are based on real people.

I really like this drawing. I didn’t do much to enhance the characters like I have for some of the other drawings this week, they look basically as they do in the comic. What I really like about it is the posing and layout. The composition of it all is really nice. And I love drawing trees. It’s funny since a lot of my comics have very urban settings, but I really like drawing nature. I used to love the way nature was portrayed in Calvin and Hobbes, and Day Camp would occasionally let me tap into that.

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